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Replace Your Monitoring Service - Not Your Equipment
Nationwide Alarm Monitoring Services For Up To 80% Less

 My Alarm Monitoring  considers both residential or commercial alarm services equal in monitoring equipment needs, services and pricing.  In most cases, regardless of how you presently monitor your alarm, we can quickly transfer the existing phone, internet or cellular signal reporting into our 24 hour center by walking you through "step by step" alarm keypad programming instructions.

Once reprogrammed, the alarm system will remain unchanged with the exception that the signals will now be routed directly into our 24 hour alarm monitoring center.

 My Alarm Monitoring  offersoffers a FREE patented Digial Diverter (DD2) to those Subscribers that wish to monitor over a landline or VoIP line that could not have their alarm system reprogrammed due to panel lockout.

Our DD2 requies no power to operate and easliy plugs in between the alarm panels outgoing telephone cord and the phone jack.  Once installed, just run a couple of alarm tests to obtain your new alarm account number and to verify receipt of your alarm signals.

Only $9.95 With Affiliate Code


 My Alarm Monitoring  offers a FREE Internet / Broadband Transmitter (DDIP) to those with alarm panels that transmit alarm signals in the industry standard called "CONTACT ID".

The DDIP plugs in between the alarm panel and the internet router either uging a LAN cord or a wireless connection.  When completing your order for internet monitoring, one of our technicians will reach out to you to determine the best connection option for you.

Our DDIP plugs into a local power source for operation.  Once installed, just run a couple of alarm tests to obtain your new alarm account number and to verify receipt of your alarm signals.

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 My Alarm Monitoring    offers a FREE Cellular Alarm Transmitter (DDCT) for any alarm panel transmitting in any alarm format.

The DDCT mounts next to your alarm panel and is plugged into a near by power receptical.  The DDIP is ideal for those homes or business that no longer have a local phone service and desire an independent and high security method.  Just plug your alarm system into our DDCT and run a couple of alarm tests to obtain your new alarm account number and to verify receipt of your alarm signals.

When your alarm is triggered, it will act just like a regular phone line allowing the panel to dial out to our monitoring center using the back data channel of a multitude of cellular networks in your area allowing for the fastest and most secure way to report alarms.

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 Fire Chief


"As a Fire Chief, my primary concern has always been the public safety and the safety of our firefighters. So when a fire breaks out, seconds count and the faster the fire departmentcan be notified, the better.

I personally recommend My Alarm Monitoring Fire Monitoring with confidence because they have been awarded a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE by multiple independent certification services that identifies central monitoring stations capable of fire monitoring in accordnace with NFPA 72 and under strict UL827 standards.  Only those central monitoring stations meeting these exacting standards are then awarded the  CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE.

Just because they have the same certifications as the largest Fire Monitoring services dosen't mean their rates are the same.  My Alarm Monitoring offers their services for about 80% less than other fire monitoring services.  So having a fire alarm monitored by My Alarm Monitoring is not only one of the safest, but it's one of the most cost-effective services for commercial fire alarm monitoring anywhere. So do your business, your bank account and your local fire department a favor by using My Alarm Monitoring.

Tell them Chief Trevino sent you and remember to stay safe out there!" 


UL Fire Monitoring Only $20.95 With Affiliate Code

NFPA  72  Response Included

Add Our FREE Duel Line Cell Transmitter Service + $30.00 per Month





  In compliance with UL 827, Standard for Central Station Services,
Automation systems and NFPA72 National Fire Alarm Code.

Nationwide Alarm Licensing

Alabama 944165 Alaska*  Arizona* Arkansas* California ACO6923 Colorado 1042146 Connecticut * Delaware 796477048077   Florida 20000708 Georgia EF20000676 Hawaii* Idaho A362ID Illinois 67181018 Indiana 0000493 Iowa* Kansas* Kentucky*  Louisiana*  Maine*  Maryland 107-1655  Massachusetts*   Michigan*   Minnesota 38970712  Mississippi*  Missouri* Montana*    Nebraska*  Nevada 2010056895713  New Hampshire*  New Jersey*  New Mexico*  New York*  North Carolina*  North Dakota*  Ohio*  Oklahoma 1763  Oregon*  Pennsylvania* Rhode Island*  South Carolina*  South Dakota*  Tennessee*  Texas *B16900  Utah*  Vermont*  Virginia *F1830608  Washington *601752286  West Virginia*  Wisconsin*  Wyoming* (*Not required or In "Process. ) 

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